Creating The Adventure Trail

Creating The Adventure Trail


Our plans for the adventure trail started back in the spring. (Possibly a bit late in the year to be doing this but we seem to work better under pressure.) 

We have an area of woodland adjacent to the lavender fields that was once quarry workings where slate was extracted many years ago. Nature has since reclaimed this but has provided us with an undulating grassy / treelined landscape that is ideal for a kids adventure area.


 The next step was to decide what to do with it. We visited a trade show but  didn't find exactly what we were looking for. What we really didn't want was lots of plastic play equipment which wouldn't really be right for our location. After seeking inspiration, from many hours accompanying our children to other playgrounds, we decided to make a wildlife trail, bridges across natural hollows and other play areas with dens and teepees. Using fallen trees from around the farm as well as timber from the local sawmill we set to work. 

After a few days in the workshop and some interesting moments getting things in place with the JCB, our adventure area is now finished. Fully checked and signed off by the safety assessor and, more importantly, approved and tested by ours and friends children, our new Beechwood Trail is now ready for others to enjoy.


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